Red Paperclip is an internet company that does things in real life. We’re all about taking ideas and turning them into interesting projects. When we’re not walking into a corner store and buying everything, we’re hitchhiking to all 50 states or trading red paperclips for houses.

We love embarking on social adventures – challenges that start with a simple goal, like finding out who these guys are, but offer an unclear path of how to reach that goal. We believe that the extremely illogical way forward can lead to extremely logical value. And we love restrictions. When restrictions are imposed, creativity skyrockets.

“If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.” -Albert Einstein

Wanna work with us? Please feel free to reach out and touch us.

Past clients include Sony Pictures Television, Mastercard, Volkswagen, The Federal Gov’t of Canada, Kijiji Taiwan, The University of British Columbia, and many more of similar ilk.

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