Here’s a list of all Red Paperclip Ideas in development. We’re looking for partners to pull these off. If that’s you, please give us a shout.

To promote an upcoming music release, build and drop low-cost boomboxes in public places playing the new album.

Extreme Product Placement
Take product and place them in the most extreme and interesting places ever.

Street Art
Cut out portions of actual streets from around the world. Hang in art gallery

Use remote control helicopters rigged with spray paint canisters to graffiti impossible to reach places.

Across The Country in a Pedicab.
Walk up to a Pedicab on one of the coasts, and ask to be taken across the continent.

We’re Not Artists
Art exhibit of people saying they’re not artists on written mediums, videos, etc.

Cylindrical Milk Crates
Make plastic milk crates that are cylindrical as opposed to square. Sell them in a variety of colors.

Social Stereo
A portable boombox system that can both send and receive audio signals, likely via FM signals. Ideally would work via an ad-hoc mesh network with no central transmission node. Stackable, modular, infinitely scalable, fully portable cordless party infrastructure that’s tough as nails.

Civil Disobedience Art Series
Get tickets from police/parking maids for random acts. Create painting that describes the act. Sell painting for the exact price of the ticket. Pay the fine with the revenue. Everybody wins.

How Will You Open It?
Send people products and whoever opens the package/product in the most thrilling way wins some sort of awesome prize.

Whatcha Gonna Do With ?
Offer to send people things. The person who comes up with the best idea for what they’re gonna do with it, gets it. Hold people to it and make sure they follow through.

Check Business Cards
Hand out business cards that are actual cashable checks for $5.

Unauthorized Biography
Write an unauthorized biography of a random normal person. Hire a private detective. Spy on them. Get all the best dirt.

The Grow Project
Open up a pop-up store on a busy street. Have a very small plant in the window with a sign that says “Coming Soon.” Gradually grow the plant to reveal that it’s actually a marijuana plant. See what happens.

Call For a Good Time
Post stickers all over the place that say: “FOR A GOOD TIME CALL 514-833-3980”
Actually show people a good time, movies, go-karts, petting zoos, etc.

Buy Recycling
Package recyclable materials such as glass/plastic/cardboard and sell them.
Why waste your time with an actual product that totes recyclability? Cut to the chase. Don’t just stand there, buy this product and save the planet already. Greenwashing taken to its illogical extreme.

iPad Helmet Mount
Take advantage of the growing market for iPad camera use and extreme sports helmet mounted cameras.

Self Employee of the Week/Month
Send plaques to a standout self-employed person. “Because everyone likes to get their face on a plaque.”

Patently Expiring
Create website that highlights patents about to expire. Create partnerships with people who want to develop the ideas.

Analog Blog
Go off the grid. Compose blog/tweets/instagrams/FB updates via writing things on paper and mailing them to people who then add them to the internet. Compile the whole project into a book and sell copies of the book.

Go around the world and meet people actually named Ronald McDonald. Ask them what it’s like, discover the meaning of life, etc.

Drunk Talk Made Good.
We get you roaring drunk. You come up with ideas. We hold you to one of them and help make it happen.

Unauthorized Spokespeople
Cut up videos of people and make them promote products they never did in the first place.
Take pictures of random people on the street and use them in advertisements to promote products theydon’t represent.

Taxi Delivery
Use taxis to ship things around the city that need to get there FAST.

Chase Moneymaker®’s Diet of Riche$™
Combine extreme fad diet with fast cash scheme. All smoothie diet. Get in shape and make millions. Fast. “If you sit down to eat you will waste time and lose money.” / “If you don’t drink smoothies you’ll get broke and fat.”

Here’s What We Think Consulting™
An honest first impression is priceless. Give us your address, a time and date that works and a check for $10,000 and we’ll come there and give you some honest opinions and ideas. HWWFT Consulting: “Because nobody else is going to be honest.”

Hold a competition to see who can get and hold down the most number of jobs at once.

2% For The Planet
Form an organization that gives 2% of its profits to “the planet”.
Look down upon anyone who gives less of their profits, like those who only give 1% For The Planet.

Dubstep based excercise program. D-d-d-d-rop the weight.

Book Remix
Write an entire novel using only, and all, the words from an existing book.

100% For The PLanet
Start website called 100% For The Planet and ask people to donate to the cause. When people donate, make a video of us “giving something back to the Earth” Giving something back = us digging a hole and dumping money in it.

No Junk Mail Sticker Mailouts
Sell anti-junk mail stickers via direct junk mail campaigns

Paint by Number Art
Trace the outline to paint-by-number drawings on large canvases. Place them in public places with numbered paints.
See what happens. Film the whole thing and hold art show with the results.

200,000 Gallons of Water
Film a water faucet running for 24 hrs straight. Post the video to Youtube. Watch people get upset in the comments. Print out and frame the best comments and have art gallery exhibit of the water tap video and comment art pieces.

Band on the Bus
Book a concert hall in NYC. Leave L.A. 10 days earlier with an empty bus. Fill the bus along the way with musicians and create a full set of music by showtime. Promote the whole thing via social media and release an album after the concert.

Name Dropper
Go around the world and meet people with the same names as famous people. Interview them as if they are really the famous person.

Walk a Mile in Your Shoes
Interview people while you go for a one mile walk, each person wearing the other’s shows. If the shoes don’t fit the person can’t be interviewed.

The Jolly Taxpayer
Get 2-5 teams with one car each. Have a competition to see who can get the most $$$ worth of parking tickets in a 24 hour period.

Are You Kevin Bacon?
Walk out front door with a backpack and a fistful of cash. ONLY ask people the three following questions:
“Are you Kevin Bacon?”
“Do you know Kevin Bacon?”
“Do you know anybody that knows Kevin Bacon?”
Don’t look back until you find Kevin Bacon. Never use the internet or phone.

Ring Tony
Start with a blog and a cell phone. Compose hit ringtones. Become the most famous ringtone composer on the planet. Keep going until you play Carnegie Hall to a sold out crowd.

Labor Ready
Offer 40 hours of volunteer labor. Either one person or a group of people. Person who provides work has to fly people in and feed/house them. Only work for people that are cool and live very far away

Cirque du Bro-Leil
A Cirque de Soleil quality production in Vegas with a bro theme. Jagr bombs, Fist pumping, Tanning, High fiving, MMA

Police car rebranded to offer the city’s finest ice delivery

No Strings Attached.
One of our less half-baked ideas. Concept for TV show / youtube channel / etc. Do all this stuff for real and film it.
1. Billboard on side of highway giving address and time for delicious and free turkey dinner.
-Maybe with a famous chef or something
-at a residential address
2. Numbered bus stop sign( ie – 202/Hollywood, 245/Santa Monica, and 345/Flight to Vegas with Sly Stallone)
-bus 345 pulls up and everyone who gets on gets a flight to Vegas with Sly and a night at some big hotel or something
3. Get on crowded inner city bus and say something like “Anyone who wants a chauferred limo to whereever they need to go, follow me” – then step off the bus.
-everyone who gets of gets a free limo ride wherever they need to go for the day, etc.
4. Have ads on a subway train that say “go see tony on car 6 and ask him for “the special” and he’ll give you twenty bucks!” (then have picture of Tony in the ad.)
-Tony is on car 6, wearing the same stuff in the ad
-everyone who asks him for the special gets the 20 bucks.
5. Garbage can of singles:
fill a garbage can with single dollar bills and have it labeled: “this garbage sign is filled with one dollar bills. Please feel free to take as many as you need.”
6. Give a penny take a hundred:
A take off on the “have a penny/give penny” thing at a cash register
fill it with hundred dollar bills and encourage people to leave spare change, OR take hundred dollar bills
7. Corner Store buyout:
Walk into a corner store and say “Yep, I’ll take everything.” And proceed to buy every single item in the entire store and do something awesome with all the stock. Like hand it out on the streets, or the like.
8. Free car:
Get a new car and leave it running and unlocked somewhere with a giant sign that says “free car” on the windshield, or something like that.
9. eBay blowout
sell something worth a considerable amount of money on eBay for a “buy it now” price of $1, with free shipping.
10. What would you rather be doing?
Talk to people on the street, find out what they’re doing at that moment, and ask them “What would you rather be doing right now?” – and make that happen. Right then.

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  1. Good Morning,

    I just watched the story of the red paper clip on Good Morning America. I read through the website and would like to know if you lend assistance to non-profit organizations. I am the Director of Program Development for the Tomorrows Youth Foundation, Inc. Our largest and most successful program is the Calumet City Chargers Youth Cheer & Football Program. Each year we find it difficult to find companies to sponsor our program and each year we incur fees that take us several years to pay off. We have a leave no child behind organization and this means that no child is turned away regardless of the ability of the family to pay the fees. We have our 5th Annual Chargers Day coming up on June 30th and we just do not have the funds to rent bounce houses or carnival games for the kids this year. I was hoping you would be able to lend assistance on how I can trade an item to possibly attract a donor or two. We serve a great group of children who are smart and talented. We don’t want to have their annual tradition ruined because of our lack of resources on their behalf.

    Thank you for your consideration,

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