DJ Dancefloor
Incredibly infectious electronic music made by Kyle.

Burnaby - DJ Dancefloor

Who Are These Guys?
Scotty found this picture on the internet in 2002.  We’ve been trying to figure out who they are ever since.

Steal This Magnet
These are going everywhere.  They’ll always be stolen. Constant circulation.  Want one?  give us a shout and we’ll hook you up.

The World’s Longest Receipt™
The original sales receipt from the Store Buyout project. The receipt is for sale as an art piece. The price of the receipt is the exact price of everything in the store, $18,871.93.

Red Paperclip Boomboxes
Rugged, rechargeable and LOUD boomboxes. They Look Like Hell And Sound Like Heaven.™

one red paperclip
Kyle started with a red paperclip and traded up to a house.

Be Anything
A de-written book.

Store Buyout
We bought everything in a corner store.

We bought EVERYTHING in a store. from Store Buyout on Vimeo.

Hitch 50
Scotty and Fiddy hitchhiked to all 50 states in 50 days

The World’s Most Expensive Briefcase.
Part of the Store Buyout Project. The actual briefcase used in the buyout was sold for $10,000.

Cycle Killer
A collection of 12 fine art photographs of destroyed bicycles.

The Blue and White Garage
10 Episodes of The Most Popular English Language Garage Based Youtube Talk Show to Ever Come Out of Montreal

99 Bottles of Beer
We bought 99 bottles of beer, put them on a wall, and sang a little song

Pictures of People Taking Pictures at The Grand Canyon

Kyle Reads a Saved By The Bell Book.
Only a select few have ever watched the whole playlist. This is underground Red Paperclip stuff to say the least. If you have 1:44 to kill and an unbelievably low threshold for amusement, then this is for YOU.

Important Mysteries
Let’s solve them.

Message in a Barrel
Kyle and Dom went to the Galapogos Islands in 2005, grabbed a handful of postcards from the Postcard Barrel on Floreana Island, and proceeded to deliver them all over the world.

Short Stories
Short Stories written by Kyle

Remember playing Punch Buggy or Slug Bug? Well this is the same thing, but based entirely around Burgundy Dodge Caravans.

For Sale Signs For Sale
“The only product that sells itself.” TM
Paint and sell for sale signs as art.

Flyer or Fiver
See what’s easier to give away on the streets, $5 bills or flyers.


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