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One Red Paperclip, the book
Published in more than 15 languages.

-Kyle is a smart, witty, hilarious writer. His laid-back, take-life-as-it-comes attitude shines through and you really feel the fun he had meeting people and trading up. -Phoebe
-He combines a clever idea and internet savvy with strong interpersonal skills to entice each trader and thousands of others to join his cause. Easy to read, hard to put down, and the pictures clinch the deal. -Bob
-Kyle has a great writing style and gives great advice for following your dreams. Moral of the story: take action and have fun! – Richard
-A modern day fairy tale where a brave young man magically turns one red paperclip into a cottage for his fair young maiden. Loved the story from start to finish. -Lisa

Autographed One Red Paperclip book with custom dedication.
– includes FREE shipping worldwide.

Autographed Books

DJ Dancefloor
Incredibly infectious electronic music made by Kyle.

Burnaby - DJ Dancefloor

The World’s Longest Receipt™ is for sale for $18,871.93 USD….the actual cost of the receipt.

Red Paperclip Boomboxes
Fully rechargeable portable, rugged, and very loud boomboxes / speakers.
They Look Like Hell and Sound Like Heaven.™

Steal This Magnet magnets
Post these business card size magnets around your neighborhood or on your fridge and see how long they last!

Steal This Magnet

Red Paperclip Patches
The only business card ever used by all Red Paperclip employees. Get your own today!
Includes FREE shipping worldwide.

*Note: sew-on only!

Red Paperclip Patches

Red Paperclip also sells other products on Etsy.

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