Who Are These Guys?


—>WE are now offereing a 100,000 DOGECOIN reward if you can 100% confirm the identity of these men!
reddit post here: http://www.reddit.com/r/dogecoin/comments/1tn00u/weve_been_trying_to_figure_out_who_these_guys_are/

Here’s the story:

In 2002 my brother Scott drank a dangerous amount of beer and decided to surf the Internet. In his travels he found this picture and sent it to me on MSN messenger.
I asked him, “Who Are These Guys?”
He replied, “I don’t know.”

So I asked, “Where did you find the picture?”
He didn’t reply.
He’d passed out.
When he woke up the next morning he’d forgotten where he’d found the picture. In my haste, I’d changed the original file name of the picture, making it impossible to search.

Thus began our international manhunt.

1. If you know who these guys are or have any theories, please run to your computer as fast as possible and log onto the Internet and and post an electronic mail message to: whoaretheseguys@gmail.com

2. If you want the Who Are These Guys? Slideshow to visit your town, contact Kyle via the Internet or call the WATG? HOTLINE at: 514-833-3980

It’s time to get to the bottom
of this important mystery.

Who Are These Guys? Demo from Net Series TV on Vimeo.

One Comment on “Who Are These Guys?”

  1. kylemacmac says:

    Here’s an archive of all the clues submitted so far:
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    DTG said…
    I think they’re Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick, and Tich.


    4:26 PM
    MarZ said…
    good luck , I need to know!

    9:21 PM
    chelsa said…
    my guess is menudo 30 yrs after the fact

    9:46 PM
    Anonymous said…
    I’m pretty sure it is the group Air Supply after a few years and a lot of rounds of beer!

    7:20 PM
    Anonymous said…
    I think it’s the “five guys” named for the Five Guys burger chain.

    6:48 PM
    St0rmwhispers said…
    HMMMM….Dopey, Sneezy, Happy, Doc….and Weird Al?

    6:42 PM
    Anonymous said…
    Are you KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    These guys are the fab DO RUNRUNS
    Geno – Drums
    Randy – Guitar
    Gene(Catman) – Bass Guitar
    Mickey – Keyboard
    Carmine – Vocals etc.(viola,Bagpipes)
    Jay(Jay-Jay) – not seen

    * Pomo picture for album JUMP,JUMP JUMP

    9:30 PM
    http://www.ArtByShannonW.com said…
    Now that is a picture of my uncle in the top left. He always said he was in a hit band back in the 80’s and I thought he was joking cause he was always drunk when telling me.

    11:22 AM
    Anonymous said…
    I agree, Menudo.

    3:48 PM
    Anonymous said…
    i say… random guys off the street who almost look like luigi or mario off the mario brothers

    6:38 PM
    Λύσιππος said…
    What Van Halen look today.

    7:33 PM
    Anonymous said…
    Looks like someone got smacky with Photoshop all over the Hudson Brothers

    9:29 AM
    Anonymous said…

    7:04 AM
    B. Igfahrt said…
    These guys are for hire. The wanted to be part of the big Irish music wave that spawned the likes of the Irish Rovers http://www.irishrovers.info/ . But they weren’t Irish, they were gay, they were trailer park. http://www.trailerparkboys.com/1024/horiz06.jpg So they became Gay Trailer Park Chippendale dancers.

    -Your pal: B. Igfahrt

    1:38 PM
    Chickeyld said…
    They’re the Bay City Rollers!


    9:00 AM
    Livid said…
    Latino Bee Gees?

    1:05 PM
    Anonymous said…
    Italian Spandau Ballet?

    4:27 PM
    Plaid Phantom said…
    Hmm…The one on the right looks kinda like Tom Selleck.

    1:26 AM
    MM said…
    I don’t wanna know…

    9:42 AM
    Markbnj said…
    Wait… I s…I… Seem to recall… wearing a strange outfit, dropping some acid andlooking REALLY freaky
    about 31 years ago (in 1971…)

    We were a band called.

    I;m having an LSD loop-back, retro
    Ummm. I forgot…moment



    9:38 AM
    Anonymous said…
    I know what they are – they’re butt ugly.

    2:57 PM
    Cindy said…
    The Village People

    7:44 PM
    what’s_my_line? said…
    After the dubious success of DeBarge, these honky copycats were fairly certain they could make it as “DeBoat”

    11:50 AM
    haycheryl said…
    You would not recognize them out of uniform, but, these guys are the “BANANA SPLITS” come-on..someone has to remember their show…while you only saw 3 on the show, one was a stand-in, the other..(on the right, with two watches *hint*) was the time keeper. ttra-la-la.la.la.la.la..one banana-or where there 4 originals?

    9:19 PM
    Jesamin said…
    They are sexy that’s for sure!

    6:18 AM
    Anonymous said…
    I think they are either the Baldwin Brothers or the Arquette Family….I’m not too sure????

    10:10 AM
    Anonymous said…
    That popular boy band from the 80’s “The Back Door Boys”

    1:46 PM
    Anonymous said…
    one looks like my Dad and my Mum morphed together by a lsd freak coming down from crack

    8:53 PM
    Mad Ethel said…
    ROWWRRR! They’re hawt!

    5:42 AM
    MCF said…
    Is the guy in the front Supergreg? Otherwise I’m gonna have to jump on the Menudo bandwagon here.

    5:01 PM
    Janet said…
    Screenshot of Menudo, Where Are They Now, VH1, circa 1996.

    Convincing enough?:)

    11:43 AM
    defining-moment said…
    I believe them to be my fathers.

    10:23 AM
    Comment deleted
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    10:26 AM
    Carol Harrison said…
    Queer Eye for the Straight Guy also rans.

    2:17 PM
    Runskaper said…
    I think there probs a 70s/80s band or sumthin, good luk, cyaz!

    5:10 AM
    Anonymous said…
    I also think they are the Bay City
    Rollers…. after rehad. 🙂

    7:04 AM
    Taco Jack said…
    The red t-shirt -> I’m guessing the full phrase was ‘Ready For Action!’

    11:29 AM
    Taco Jack said…
    The b&w white spotted shirt guy = Mario
    The pink shirt/gold chain guy on the left = Luigi

    11:30 AM
    Plaid Phantom said…

    The More I look at them, the more I’m sure I’ve seen them ALL in movies before. I just don’t know which.

    4:20 PM
    Laura said…
    The guy on the bottom left looks like Bob Carolgees a bit.

    And the one in the middle at the front looks like a guy who was in Eastenders years ago.

    But these are both probably wrong!

    Although I am convinved these guys are British.

    I reckon you should focus on that… in your quest!

    2:23 AM
    reno said…
    La bande à Bono version latino !

    6:19 AM
    Anonymous said…
    What are we talkin about again??

    6:32 PM
    Anonymous said…
    Four of these guys are original mousekateers. The middle back is Goofy after liposuction.

    2:33 PM
    Anonymous said…
    My wife thinks they are the “Flying Burrito Brothers”. I keep telling her they are my five aunts from my mother’s side.

    7:19 AM
    Kaitlin said…
    ahhh!!! now I’m freaking out and I want to know. I read the article in Reader’s Digest and decided to check out your blog…

    11:22 AM
    Max said…
    Kyle, you came to my school and showed the picture and I thought they were Monty Python, but I was wrong!

    1:40 PM
    hitch50 said…
    Apparently this picture was found while “hanging 10”. Thought that may be helpful.

    10:50 PM
    adamrosovsky said…
    Kiss without the Make-Up

    12:20 PM
    Louis Torres said…
    You guys are so funny…! These guys were one of the biggest Mexican groups back in the early 80’s called Los Tigeres de Guadalupe. There were originally from Taos, NM in the United States, started making a small name for themselves and later moved to Mexico for the larger following. They eventually started solo groups of their own which were fairly successful… Too bad they’re not around anymore, I’m sure they’d LOVE to see themselves as they were waaaaay back when.



    10:53 AM
    Nathaniel said…
    The Supreme Court of Armenia?

    6:39 AM
    Anonymous said…
    so blindingly 90s slash 80s…

    2:46 AM
    Anonymous said…
    Hey, that’s me! Where’d you get this picture?

    7:01 AM
    numaleon said…
    I’m calling the police. Maybe they can help.

    2:23 PM
    rick said…
    The guy in the front middle looks the guy fron TSN Gabriele ? who comments on the best bets.He always has his hat turned around backwards

    7:54 AM
    rick said…
    I think the guy in the front is from TSN Gabriele who comments on all the fantasy teams

    7:56 AM
    Anonymous said…
    HI KYLE,

    12:13 AM
    Oldrockerchick said…
    Please stop insulting the Bay City Rollers!! If they were the BCR’s then where is Derek? My love, my blonde drummer boy? I had a pet stick named “derek”. I couldn’t afford a pet rock. I was their biggest fan when I was in 5th Grade. BCR ROCK!!

    3:01 AM
    bazz said…
    It’s the doo run run


    7:04 AM
    Anonymous said…
    I’d say the guy in the middle is André Ducharme from Rock et Belles Oreilles and the one in the upper left corner, Guy A. Lepage…

    7:33 PM
    Emmef said…
    Y’en a un qui est sûrement l’ancêtre d’Elvis Gratton………et les autres doivent être ses cousins!!!

    Faites-moi signe quand vous le saurez… ;~)

    6:05 PM
    Anonymous said…
    La personne en haut à gauche ressemble étrangement à Bruno blanchet ( La fin du monde est à 7 heure)

    9:39 AM
    lambday said…
    the Beatles ?

    11:33 AM
    lambday said…
    the Beatles ?

    11:33 AM
    Anonymous said…
    they all are dead….HIV…..

    12:31 PM
    http://www.sitelet.com said…
    They are the ultimate boy band from the 80’s: New Kids on the Block

    Just look at the striking resemblance:

    2:53 PM
    Bootylicious said…
    The guy on the bottom is Vin Diesel. He was a successful breakdancer around this time. You can find his videos on YouTube.

    11:46 AM
    Phil Leibniz said…
    The guy on the right looks more like Burt Reynolds than Tom Selec.


    4:34 AM
    Matt said…
    OMG, I saw the guys in the paper today. I hope somebody contacts them soon and they can start touring again LOL.

    9:37 AM
    Tammy said…
    I swear I saw the guy on the bottom left in Vancouver yesterday… less 80’s up but he still has the moustache. Sorry, I was a little to star struck to approach him.

    10:34 AM
    Anonymous said…
    Since the guy in the back looks like a young Danny Bonaduce, could be:

    Danny Bonaduce And The Soul Explosion

    dubbed as a ‘fake’ Houston college band from the 80’s… even though I doubt he went to college… but it’s worth the thought

    2:24 PM
    Anonymous said…
    They are the Five Flamers. They were big back in the eighty’s, but I think the AIDs got them.

    11:05 PM
    Dan said…
    Obviously you guys don’t remember that episode of Smokey and the Bandit where
    Bo “Bandit” Darville, played by Burt Reynolds in the upper right corner

    and Monty Python’s Terry Jones,

    dressed up as KC and the Sunshine band to hide from Sheriff Buford T. Justice.

    Bandit’s Basset Hound Fred not
    shown in photo.


    5:17 PM
    Anonymous said…
    I believe the guy in the middle in the back is Dave “KILLER” Carlson from the movie Slap Shot.

    Scroll down to Jerry Houser, 4th from the top.


    1:24 PM
    poppyvanderbilt said…
    The bands name is “The Mississippi Fairy boat” They had a minor hit in 82′ that made the charts in Germany with a song called “Wet dog and bologna”. I don’t think they are still together any more.

    3:10 PM
    Anonymous said…
    i do belive they are from my dads aa group.oh wait maybe i saw them on “to catch a predator”!!

    3:13 PM
    tye said…
    I don’t know these guys. However I would sure like to shake their hand for a stache well done! One should honour and respect those with the inspiraton, patience, fine motor skills and confidence to produce and maintain these quality upper lips. It takes a real man, with real testosterone to sport this look. Burt, Goose, Fu, Seth, Kyle at homecoming all impress with a mustache. We should find and celebrate these modern day heros. Those who have the courage to challenge the status quo keep the lemmings from the cliff. The time is now. :~()

    9:54 PM
    slaunwhite said…
    I agree with Chelsa. These guys look an awful lot like menudo — the original 70s version of that group. Do a side by side comparison. You can match each member with each of the “guys” in your picture.

    2:45 PM
    Dominic said…
    Can’t say for sure, but that fellow on the far right looks uncomfortably like Alex Trebek, pre-Stars On Ice.

    12:16 PM
    Anonymous said…
    kiss ,the band without makeup as they look today?

    10:47 AM
    Anonymous said…
    I think it is Blue Oyster Colt, a Foghat tribute band.

    2:47 PM
    Pete said…
    They’re the ‘118 118′ rejects obviously.

    Either that or the Parallel Universe’ version of The Rolling Stones.

    OooooH I say……


    10:51 AM
    Anonymous said…
    The front headband guy looks a lot like Jack Bishop from America’s Test Kitchen.

    10:13 AM
    Anonymous said…
    this is Jackson 5 after they all followed michael’s footsteps…

    11:04 PM
    WZot said…
    This is definitely Bay City Rollers as someone mentions. Just see the similarity: http://skin.bebo.com/Profile.jsp?MemberId=4443349274

    10:52 AM
    Carlos said…

    12:15 PM
    Anonymous said…
    zThey were an “Art” rock group from around ’81. They were known in this universe as Schlocky Dennise. The signatue concert feature was a tripple keytar solo which lasted an average of one hour per show. Amazing.

    7:06 PM
    Anonymous said…
    -1970’s “costumes”
    Guess is early to mid 1980’s photo because of wire framed glasses, combined with long 1970’s hair unless -three in back with possible wigs?
    may whant to check with optometrist for glasses model /date
    -center pictured “stud” is likely the future groom, older “father on left may have since died of old age (sadly) however the 3 brothers & best man (center blue night coat) are still likely to be alive
    T-shirt in back may say “Ready for Action” – English wording – USA or Canada
    -Italian community websites would be a good place to post as well as FAXES to every deli in North american large cities
    -blue screen background suggests professional photographers screen, may be from a wedding stag party, may want to send out to every registered photographer operating in the 1970’s
    -“ready for action” guy rear left may have painted on mustache? & “pops” front left may have fake mustache?
    -family may be shocked that the “boys” never did go fishing all those long weekends together (just joking)
    -If this is a stag photo from the early 80’s the wedding was likely quite large with many members of the extended family and community
    so a posting on every church bulletin board in Montreal & Toronto & other Canadian capital cities May help obtain leads
    -necklases on uncle vido (far right) may be a prop but one may be a skull?
    -no “red eye” so light not likely a flash but rather pro photgraphers light (water mark) on back of photo?
    -likely from large family with grandchildren who frequent the web so posting on italian youth soccer sites may develope a lead?
    – likely still drink heavily so posting at wine making supply stores may produce a lead?
    -now elderly so posting at italian seniors lodges may produce a lead within the next 10 years

    3:05 AM
    Anonymous said…
    Ask the Amazing Keskin for his thoughts on this one. Kreskin is an amazing genius who would have been capable of finding the WMD’s in Iraq (had there been any).

    12:34 AM
    fuzzyzquare said…
    this is a stretch…but the guy on the far right resembles Alex Trebek…seriously! LOL (http://blogs.mcall.com/photos/uncategorized/2008/02/19/trebek2.jpg)

    9:22 PM
    gmiller said…
    Looks like it could be the group that played on the soundtrack for Nocho Libra. Spelling? The groups name should be Mr. Loco. They are from Mexico.

    Just a shot in the dark

    12:12 PM
    Doc Fong said…
    The Flamming Doo Doo Ballz?

    12:45 PM
    Fun With War Crimes said…
    They must be a “never made it” band from the 70’s. Those clothes! Good Luck!!! Can’t wait to hear about it.

    5:53 PM
    Dan said…
    The guy on the far right looks like bury renolds :]

    7:47 AM
    KiyahB said…
    Holy shit! Someone got together all my ex boyfriends and took a group photo!

    2:47 PM
    Colby said…
    from my experience with him, Phil Olsen has to be involved in this photo somehow. If not, he knows something.

    12:58 PM
    Anonymous said…
    Je les reconnais ! Ce sont les Charlots !

    4:06 PM
    Sims said…
    riri, fifi, loulou, donald et picsou

    si tas une autre question n’hésite pas à faire un site internet je suis pas loin

    4:06 PM
    kbellaiche said…
    These guys are “village people” !!

    4:06 PM
    Anonymous said…
    I don’t know

    4:07 PM
    Anonymous said…
    C’est “les musclés” 20 ans apres nan ?

    4:07 PM
    bozoo said…
    i think they’re gays

    4:07 PM
    Anonymous said…
    jajajajaj this is hillllarious …

    u r such a “marginal” as we say in france, never change


    4:07 PM
    Karan said…
    bobby, jimmy, jacky, billy and johnny

    4:07 PM
    Anonymous said…
    i know who they are…….
    if any one wants to troc my information for somthing her is my email: stit1@hotmail.com
    waitting for your emails

    4:07 PM
    Niptan said…
    It’s me and my friends 🙂


    4:07 PM
    sale batteur said…
    No they’re the Curly’s Revenge : http://www.mypace.com/curlysrevenge

    4:08 PM
    Madiyafromparis said…
    Tom Seleck and brothers?

    4:08 PM
    Anonymous said…
    Les rois du troc…..

    4:08 PM
    MO Fogiel said…
    J’ai pas fini de manger mon Kiri.

    4:08 PM
    Anonymous said…
    i think they’re village people band of portugal.

    4:09 PM
    Anonymous said…
    no matter who they are! they are awesome!!!

    4:09 PM
    Anonymous said…
    Looks like Bill Gates and his Microsoft’s pals at a party dressed like YMCA band 🙂

    4:09 PM
    Anonymous said…
    one of them was my husband

    4:09 PM
    babyface1978@hotmail.com said…
    “Whitened” Jackson Five !

    4:09 PM
    Etienne said…
    Good luck ! seventie’s power =)

    Nice participation at the faugiel show.

    From france.

    4:10 PM
    Anonymous said…
    It’s my father in the middle and his Band..chek it on http://www.myspace/afrosaisai

    4:10 PM
    Aurore said…
    At least I know they’re not french. I hope. Let us pray… And for that matter, are you sure they’re human? Let us pray not.
    Please, everyone, one minute of silence so that we can watch the human sanity grade go down. Thank you all.

    4:10 PM
    elen said…
    I’ve just seen you on french tv !
    maybe I’ve got a clue ! they are the tchecoslovaquain equivalent of Village people still touring in russia !
    YMCA in russian ! yeah great !

    4:11 PM
    Anonymous said…
    I think they’re the Microsoft Team… Bill on center top !

    4:11 PM
    AZURLOVE.COM said…
    That popular boy band from the 80’s “life gifted”


    4:11 PM
    Anonymous said…
    where are they come??? maybe french people…

    4:12 PM
    Anonymous said…
    They are:
    Francis Heaulme, Guy Georges Rampillon, Roland “The Cat” Cazaux, Jean-Claude Romand and Patrick Dills!!!!

    YES I WIN!!!!!

    4:13 PM
    Damien h said…
    Ce sont “Les Muslés” du club Dorothée…

    Clavier/Chant : Framboisier (Claude Chamboisier)
    Basse : Rémy (Rémy Sarrazin)
    Guitare – Yodel : Éric (Éric Bouad)
    Accordéon – Saxophone : René (René Morizur)
    Batterie : Bernard Minet (Bernard Wantier)


    4:14 PM
    hello said…
    il y a eric braeden tout a droite, ou a leur gauche si vous préférez (mais très jeune!)… Eric braeden c’est victor newman des feux de l’amour!

    4:14 PM
    Karillon said…
    Good luck, you are a real new business man!
    BIG Big-up!

    4:15 PM
    stephanie said…
    first of all,where did u get this picture??it can help to find them..

    4:15 PM
    FJKD said…
    There is no 5 guys but at least 15 !!!!!!!

    4:16 PM
    Emily Play said…
    they are members of : “Naive new beaters”? (when they were young of course…)

    4:17 PM
    FJKD said…
    There is not 5 guys but at least 15…

    4:17 PM
    Anonymous said…
    Ce sont les inveteurs du trombone rouge ou du fer à friser!!!
    For french poetry :

    4:18 PM
    Canale Mona said…
    I’ve found….these guys are the band “Who Are These Guys”
    A Rock & Roll Band playing new music with that classic rock sound. Influences include Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Creedence, The Dead,The Allmans Bros & The Band, among others.

    4:19 PM
    Bruno said…
    Ask the F.B.I. or C.I.A.
    Oh no, bad idea. They still haven’t found Osama.

    4:21 PM
    Apollon said…
    It’s the Village People Fan Club !!!

    4:21 PM
    Thierry Le Rouge said…
    That’s The Osmond Brothers after Tchernobyl. I’m sure !!!
    Sorry for my bad English but i’m French and i drink a lot of wine.

    4:23 PM
    Anonymous said…
    Frankie goes to Hollywood ? 😉

    4:24 PM
    Anonymous said…
    hi ,
    it’s the first “village people” lol
    good luck

    4:28 PM
    Thierry Le Rouge said…
    There are The Osmond Brothers after Tchernobyl … I’m sure !!!

    Sorry for my bad English but i’m French and i drink a lot of wine.

    4:31 PM
    charlotte emilie terrier said…
    it’s my father on the left.

    4:59 PM
    Romano said…
    Pourquoi savoir who are these guys??
    Je suis sur que je peux vous montrer 5 personnes que vous ne connaissez pas aussi… enfin why not?

    6:24 PM
    Mona Canale said…
    I’ve found….these guys are the band “Who Are These Guys”
    A Rock & Roll Band playing new music with that classic rock sound. Influences include Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Creedence, The Dead,The Allmans Bros & The Band, among others.

    5:49 AM
    Anonymous said…
    Ca à un rapport avec Sarkozy?!

    6:26 AM
    Philippe Francisco said…
    These guys are the american “Les Musclés”… hu?

    1:25 PM
    manu said…
    I think it’s the same guy ! … with diferent hairs

    12:03 AM
    Anonymous said…
    all my family !!!

    1:59 AM
    tony said…
    Sonic Youth (wwith Jim’o’Rourke)

    4:53 AM
    Anonymous said…
    Trop fastoche…

    2:15 PM
    Anonymous said…
    C’est quoi ces gros blairauds???

    10:10 AM
    Anonymous said…
    C’est qui ces gros blairauds????

    10:11 AM
    Mitch Brisebois said…
    Great picture!

    This is a Mexican band from the 80s called Señalados. Apparently they had a huge hit called “Me pertaneces” which translates into “I Belong”. From the band’s picture – I’m not sure where they’d belong???

    You can find another picture of the band and the lyrics to Me pertaneces here:


    The next question is – whatever hapenned to Señalados?

    6:25 AM
    Seyha Nigromanta said…
    G W Bush Poutine Sarkozy Hu Jintao Gordon Brown

    6:48 PM
    Anonymous said…
    One of them is my biological father I’m just not sure which one.

    9:01 AM
    calbo said…
    they’re nice and funny men,but i don’t know who they are.peace.calbo

    3:41 PM
    Thamesis said…
    The one to the far left looks like the guy who played on Smokey and the Bandit as the Bandit…

    4:54 PM
    Mannyramirez said…
    oh my god oh my god you are my idol you are so bad my idol! you traded a red paper clip for a house omg omg omg ur my idol! holy… you are the ultimate guy. that was the best idea ever and if I knew who those guys were I would tell you. I saw you on the news show, “news to me”, as many others probably did, and you are my idol. you would actually trade the house you got for a red paperclip, for knowing who those guys were… you own omg ur my idol

    4:56 PM
    Mohamed said…
    How can you miss this, dude!?!

    4:56 PM
    Elena said…
    I’m sorry I don’t know but I tried researching the DO RUNRUNS (posted by anonymous) and nothing came up but that does sound reasonable, the only thing is most album covors have names on them.

    4:58 PM
    GIOVANNI and ALESSIA said…
    the village people!

    4:59 PM
    Anonymous said…
    The village people!

    5:00 PM
    Elena said…
    I tried reasearching the DO RUNRUNS (what anonymous said), but nothing came up. The only problem with that being an album cover would be that usually they have words on them.

    5:00 PM
    Anonymous said…
    they look like a type of band from the 70’s, or actors from the show in the 70’s. (^0^)/

    6:52 PM
    Anonymous said…
    Not sure about all of them, but the guy in the middle/back is the MAD Magazine dude, Alfred E. Newman. Possibly a publicity photo of the writing staff of the magazine.

    7:10 PM
    J. said…
    I’m pretty sure that, whoever they are, the name of their act includes the word, “Greasy.”

    9:53 PM
    DarcBird said…
    OK, my wife and I saw this website on “news to me” and so we thought that it would be a good idea to check this site.

    9:57 PM
    Anonymous said…
    I dont know, that one guy in the middle looks like a gay version of ronnie james dio!

    9:59 PM
    Anonymous said…
    that cant be the bay city rollers, cuz they were big in the 70’s, and those guys look like theyre from the 70’s, but theyre a lot older than BCR. catch my drift?
    they dont even look like them. lmao.

    10:03 PM
    Anonymous said…
    good luck im just trying to help and i can’t wait to find out

    10:56 PM
    JoshWUa said…
    it used to be from a 70’s show in ABC. It came out Saturdays at 11.

    3:02 AM
    Anonymous said…
    Israeli disco group from the 70’s called ‘Dressed For Action’

    9:44 AM
    Anonymous said…
    i have no idea :[[
    good luck finding out:]

    3:03 PM
    Anonymous said…
    this is the most random yet hilarious idea, smoke much?

    4:53 PM
    Anonymous said…
    I just saw you on CNN … good luck with your search. Post who they are when you find out. Also amazing thing with the paper-clip.

    6:52 PM
    birthdaycake24@hotmail.com said…
    omg thats my uncle!! where did you get this picture!?!?!

    6:54 PM
    Estebon said…
    ‘Papa Doo Run Run’ is the band in the photo.

    Hit single, ‘Be true to you school’.

    6:56 PM
    cabncrunch said…
    The guy on the left looks like this actor:

    6:56 PM
    Pamela said…
    Who Cares?

    7:02 PM
    Anonymous said…
    These are impersonators or members of the Brady Bunch – Greg(front center), Peter(behind Greg), Cindy (back left in red), Jan or Bobby in front of her. Possibly Denny Terrio on the far right in blue shirt. It looks like a disco/aerobic spoof.

    7:08 PM
    Brady Bunch Watcher said…
    These are impersonators or members of the Brady Bunch – Greg(front center), Peter(behind Greg), Cindy (back left in red), Jan or Bobby in front of her. Possibly Denny Terrio on the far right in blue shirt. It looks like a disco/aerobic spoof.

    7:13 PM
    Anonymous said…
    The guy in the mid-back looks a bit Brittish, the guy in the hat is definitely my friend’s dad, dude on the right is oddly familiar (minus the two watches and three necklaces)

    7:17 PM
    Anonymous said…
    baba booey

    7:19 PM
    Valerie said…
    maybe the beatles ???

    9:54 PM
    JLea said…
    I am watching you on Headline NEws right now! Good luck in your search.

    9:55 PM
    Anonymous said…
    That’s the original line-up from the Uncle Floyd show! What do I win??

    9:58 PM
    Anonymous said…
    I’d have to guess the guy on the right is BURT REYNOLDS, and a couple of the others are familiar also, which leads me to think it’s some shot from a movie from the late 70’s or early 80’s…

    10:02 PM
    Anonymous said…
    they are the remaining members of the Dharma Initiative…namaste

    10:17 PM
    Anonymous said…
    they look look like a merimba band early eighties or the fantasy island house band if they made a album id like to hear it

    10:28 PM
    Dillon Gourleu said…
    I would like to help you search for who these guys are. I searched for 1980 italian / mexican pop bands / music groups, I looked for a few hours. I saw this air on I-news or whatever, Do you have the original email ? Did you try contacting the first address in the email ? Google the original file name of the picture in the email. Does the email give any hints to who these guys are or what they do, any clues? Could be a 1980’s italian tv comedy group. Let me know something.

    11:44 PM
    john s. said…
    stallej from from Concord Ontario wrote:

    they look like circus performers to me. i think that would be a good place to start looking.

    3:10 AM
    Anonymous said…
    The guy in the middle, top row looks like the guy that is on the covers of Mad magazine long ago. Check it out http://www.dccomics.com/mad/

    3:58 AM
    Anonymous said…
    I’m not sure if these guys are American. They might be from Australia or New Zealand or perhaps Canada. There definatly a band or group of some type.
    Damnit dude find out who the f these guys are cause they look like a ton of fun. haha

    5:02 AM
    DreamWeaver said…
    Well, the guy with the two watches looks really familiar to me…hmmm…now you have me goin’…

    11:07 AM
    DreamWeaver said…
    The link to the email won’t work. I want to post this photo on my sites, and I too, will be looking to find out who they are…

    11:11 AM
    bob the fat man said…
    its my fatness

    5:21 PM
    MikeHell said…
    Hey, it’s my family portrait! There are no women in my family, obviously…

    7:21 PM
    Anonymous said…
    the top middle one looks like Zac Efron!

    9:44 PM
    Anonymous said…
    Not sure of their names, but I am positive that this is the group of guys who revitalized gay porn out of a Bronx apartment in the early 80’s. Could have sworn I saw the special on LOGO.

    1:41 AM
    Anonymous said…
    those are those crazy 80’s adult film starz they played in those wierd backstage band scenes

    3:53 PM
    Kamloops Pictures said…
    Nice try. This photo was pretty famous in the early ’80, after the big FBI bust in Miami. These guys were the ring leaders of the Cocaine Cowboys. They look like nice guys in this group shot, but they were the most ruthless drug cartel in Miami at the time. This famous photo was shot in better times for these gents as they are all either dead or doing life. All except for Jorge “Rivi” Alaya (center bottom), who was hitman turned witness. Alaya was put into witness protection in ’82. Most likely he will have to be moved due to you bringing the photo to the attention of the media again . . .

    10:07 PM
    Kamloops Pictures said…
    I forgot to post the mugshots with my last comment. could only find 2 of them online. located here: http://showbc.com/content/mugs

    10:51 PM
    Anonymous said…
    I’ve had an archie comic from the 1980’s in my bathroom for the last 6 mos. I swear these dudes were in an ad on the inside back cover.(a younger version) Upon reading this paper-clip article and who are these guys thing i ran to my bathroom to see if its still there but alas i guess it got tossed in the garbage recently. I believe the ad said they were the mundo or mendicino bros, a mexican pop band, or i automatically think of wrestlers too, not sure but maybe this will get you looking in direction you may not have thought about:P
    Good Luck with the search and thanks for the interesting read!

    6:44 AM
    Joanna said…
    those are my co-worker’s uncles!

    7:29 AM
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